New Font and Splatter Options

Good news from your favorite job. We added a few more accessibility options in our latest update:

Font Options

We updated the UI and added OpenDyslexic as a font choice to make everything more readable. In the process we ended up liking this new font a lot more than the original one. So now OpenDyslexic has become the default font. If you want the old font back though, it is still available from the Settings menu.

Splatter Options

Zombie Admin is a game of colorful splatter chaos. After a while red blood stains and green goo will get everywhere. However, if you want a little more visual clarity, you can set all splatter to a subtle black. If you don't want any splatter at all, you can turn it off completely.


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Mar 14, 2022

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I'd like to request the inclusion of another alternate font option (if possible) called 'Lexend Deca' that is also designed to be much easier to read for many people.


License:  Open Font License (use for any purpose but no warranty given)

Also perhaps some more 'splatter' options including dark purple :)