The mainframe is out of control! You only have seconds left to hack the most advanced keyboard-scrambling firewall on this planet. Smash all the keys and type in the secret codes before the time runs out or your keyboard breaks...

Muscle Memory Corruption is a crazy button mashing typing game. It was made by Adrian Wierzbowski and and {Emmy, Thomas} @ Hastily Assembled in 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam 2020 (Out of Control) .

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Music Credit

Raving Energy by Kevin MacLeod

Tyrant by Kevin MacLeod


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Very fun game. Completed it after a few tries, quite impressive for being done in 48 hours.


Production value on this one is admirable given the 48 hour window for this jam. I really dig the presentation.

Especially the feedback for button mashes is very well thought out and felt impactful to me.

Love it.


A cool little Idea, feels like I'm a hacker in a C tier Hollywood movie! This minigame would work great in combination with other similarly difficult minigames. Good job!