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Cool game but feels a little hard. Maybe adding stormtrooper aim would make it easier for a noob like me.


Im trying to speed run the game, i love this game so much each run is different in my eyes! if only those pesky guards didn't target you until your in their line of site



hopefully i can get sub 1 ^-^


turns out i just had to do the simple thing and not die sub 1 : 58 seconds

That's very impressive!


here is one the upload of my only salvageable video (I dont have the best of recording equipment)

Show post...

good game ..hope full story



Love the old school Alien and AVP vibes. Great work!


this is cool, big ns2 vibes, loved that game.


Made a video starts at - 8:55


"Their heads give them power."  :D

That was a lot of fun to watch, thanks!

Happy you enjoyed it


Very nice


This was my favorite game so far!